exercise and Environmental Physiology

for the first part do a one page (275 words) abstract, use the brief if you get confused on what to include in the
abstract. for the one page abstract include the reference. the brief tells you to do a screencast instead of doing a
screencast complete 1000 words the brief will show you what to do. I will then create the screencast myself
using what you have written for me. I will include in an excel file as well the results from the excel file are what
you should base the study off. the excel data is used to write this report off of. on the excel document it might
not sure the details about the male the report is based on so I have typed them underneath :). make sure to find
the VO2 peak and please aim for at least 60%. And make sure to do it as a report!
sex- male
date of birth- 1994
height (cm)- 181
weight (kg)- 78
duration- 0:17:23
before start concentration O2- 20.93
before start concentration of CO2- 0.03
before start temperature- 18.4

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