Evaluate specifically how the app will integrate with the five information system components to manage your data and information.

Evaluate specifically how the app will integrate with the five information system components to manage your data and information.
The implementation and development of our app must be seen and analysed from the point of all five dimensions of the business information system.
People resources
On first place we look at required people resources. This involve all the people involved in development, maintaining, operating and using the information system. Within the meaning of our app this are developers and designers, programmers, technical support staff, managers, trainers, operators, customer service and of course the end users or our customers. And we design our services in accordance of the needs and best interest of our end users.
Hardware resource
The idea for our app is to enhance our business. Means to be effective, efficient, supportive but in the same time easily accessible for all our users. Therefore, Netsurf app would be designed to operate on most kind of devices – our application services would be available through web page to be accessed on laptop and computer or free to download on all smart devices – smartphones, tablets, i-pads, smartwatches, smart TV. The broadband is delivered through routers installed in the client premises. We provide a range of devices designed to serve small households as well as to supply large businesses with quality broadband. In addition, we provide small, comfortable USB broadband devices perfect for traveling.
Software Resources
As already mentioned, the choice of our BIS is Customer relationship management software (CRM)This is because CRM system give organisations a single view of the costumer and deliver essential insights for service and product development. And is designed for multi -channel management including web, mobile, social, call centre, in – person, and partner relationship management. The adopted idea is to use custom CRM. Advantages of custom CRM include competitive advantage – create features that makes you stand out in the market, customization – customize every bit of it to fit our company operations, Security – as we handle sensitive information(personal customers details..) with custom CRM this information does not go through third parties, integration with other company applications, non-reliance on third party companies.
Disadvantages – high cost – greater than subscription cost but as custom CRM would operate better means would not be cost effective in short term but in long run would guarantee returns on investment, Time to market – takes much longer than subscription, maintenance burden, scalability.
Data and information
Data and information are collected, processed and stored by automated software. Automation services – marketing, sales automation, customer service allow us to collect all information provided by our customers by creating account, entering names, addresses, ages, phone numbers, preferences, by browsing history. Data management not only create strong records but allow us to link date across different departments. All interactions with costumers, purchases history, level of engagement. Analysing the date allow the system to create personalised offers and promotion to suit the customer. As this data is a sensitive information, we take great care to protect it. This is done by implementing multiple layers of security – firewall, trusted antivirus programs to protect us from viruses, worm and trojans, we ensure regular update for the operating system, use of encryption software, effective passwords, biometric authentication as well as educating our employees about the virtual threats.
Networks and telecommunications
Our custom CRM and adopted automated services allow us to communicated between departments and with our costumers in many ways. We offer live chat in app for fast and convenient connection with clients, phone customer service, email. Our customer advisers can be reached as well through social network platforms. Automation costumer service is a perfect way to distinct a real need of costumer adviser and to redirect clients with different enquires to the right department.
This reduce the cost and allow customer service advisers to focus better and provide more efficient support to the needs of our customers.
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