error correction / error treatment style/theories of Second Language Acquisition

First read chapter 9 of our course text, focusing on errors and error corrections. Then, watch this 10-minute ESL
teaching video clip on YouTube.

After watching it in slow motion, find and transcribe 4 instances of corrective feedback. For each instance, you
are to:
Identify and categorize the errors
Describe how the error was addressed
Evaluate the use of the corrective feedback type and it’s implementation from both a teacher’s and student’s
Discuss other corrective feedback options available to the teacher.
Describe your language teacher’s error treatment style. Does/Did your teacher overcorrect or undercorrect? To
what extent does/did your teacher follow the model at the end of the Chapter 9?
Chapter 10 of our text, which theory or theories of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) resonates most with you
and why? How do you anticipate these theories might affect instruction in your own classroom? Provide at least
three classroom-based examples of teaching strategies you might use to show the connection between theory and
practice. In other words, how might you use the theory or theories of SLA to support your English Language
Learner in the classroom

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