Dialysis and Renal Failure

The report must be at least 3 pages (max 7 to 8 pages) APA format
It must have three sources cited (the book counts as one), and Wikipedia does not count.
The topic covered is dialysis and renal failure.
You must answer at least three of these questions but more are preferred.
Explain renal failure at the cellular level using appropriate anatomy and physiology terms.
Why is dialysis important on a physiological level?
What does dialysis do for the patient?
How many different types of dialysis are there and how does each one work?
What changes does renal failure have on the cardiovascular, and respiratory systems?
What electrolyte imbalances can be seen with renal failure?
Explain what a “renal diet is”
What am I basically looking for when I grade this these papers? (Rubric will be uploaded onto the website)
Proper English and APA format
How easy the paper is to read
Proper use of terms
What sources were used
An overall understandiiqung of the heart/dialysis and renal failure

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