Deficient Leaders in the Military: Is it a widespread problem?

After many years of war time engagement, Iraq, Afghanistan, and various other small international engagements, the stories of deficient leadership within the highest ranks of the military seem to be a larger problem than one would think. Many blame the media and the access to instant information and argue that this is a problem that hasn’t necessarily grown but has just become more emphasized in current day media. Others would debate that this is in fact an epidemic and that the military must reevaluate their leadership and address the core of the problem. In addition, the transition from war to garrison has also been identified as an opportunity where the same levels of leadership should be expected.
For your discussion, after reading the required readings and viewing the video, explain whether or not the military has a leadership deficiency as it transitions from war to garrison and why. You may provide examples to illustrate your position. However, do not include namiques of individuals and organizations.

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