Crazy Rich Asians – Film Analysis

The film analysis is a 5-7-page paper (worth 100 points) about a pre-approved film with intercultural
communication implications. You must have instructor approval to analyze a film that is not on the list below.
The plot, conflict, climax, and denouement of each of the films listed can be explained using a variety of
intercultural communication theories and concepts. That’s why they are pre-approved. As you watch any of the
films below or think about the films below that you’ve seen, specific theories and concepts may come to mind
that you think best describe what the film is about. Use those concepts to describe and explain the
communication in the film.
Before starting the film analysis, make sure you understand the difference between a plot summary and a film
analysis. Your film analysis should have a clear intro, body, and conclusion. Your intro should include an
attention getter, state that the paper is a film analysis, identify the film, include a brief plot summary, and
preview the main points you will make about the film. The main points you make about the film should be
relevant to intercultural communication.
The body of your paper/film analysis can be organized in the same variety of ways a speech can be organized:
chronologically, topically, cause/effect, etc. To make your paper easier to read you should choose categories of
intercultural communication terms like cultural identity, managing others’ perceptions, and the model of
communication, not random terms. If you choose an organizational pattern for your paper/film analysis, base
your main points on categories of communication terms, and make sure your paragraphing reflects your main
ideas and their support (examples, statistics, stories, comparisons, etc.) from the film, your paper will probably
be very easy to read.
The conclusion of your paper/film analysis should summarize your main points and provide sentimental closure
for the paper.
Resource Materials
1. The film ______________________________. Watch it several times before attempting to analyze it.
2. Video that describes the difference between summarizing a literary work and analyzing it.
3. Communication between Cultures by Samovar, et al. This is the book I use in class that contains some of the
intercultural communication concepts. The book is online in a pdf format.
4. Other critiques of the film (Remember to cite the source of every critique you read.)
Supporting Materials
1. Definitions
2. Examples
3. Statistics
4. Comparisons
5. Stories
6. Quotes from the film
7. Expert testimony
Your analysis should provide for the uninformed reader an understanding of the film and highlight intercultural
communication theories and concepts evident in the film. The reader should learn as much about intercultural
communication as they learn about the film. Understand that the purpose of film analysis in this class is to
demonstrate an understanding of intercultural communication theory. Films are an excellent and exciting way to
study human communication.
Papers should be well written and all sources should be cited, including the film, your textbook, and all websites
you visit. Intentional and unintentional plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment and possibly
the course. Double space your paper and use a 12 point Times New Roman font.
Please provide a works cited page.

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