Consider the potential macro-financial effects of digital money, only include content investors would consider important and should link to an impact on performance.

For this assignment you need to create a two page report for investors on the topic outlined below. Read the brief
carefully and ensure that you follow all instructions and guidance provided.
“Rapid ongoing progress with digital technologies has increased the prospects for adoption of new forms of
digital money for both domestic and international transactions. These include central bank digital currencies
(CBDVs) and so-called global stable coins (GSCs proposed by large technological companies or platforms.”
(IMF 2020)
In your report, consider the potential macro-financial effects of digital money.
The layout and format of the report is at your discretion, but it must be readily legible when printed and include
a section listing references to resources used to create the report. Reference list should directly follow the two
page report.
Important Notes
• Investors are the intended readership of this report. Only include content that they would consider important.
• The financial journalism sourced should clearly link to something that has/will impact performance.
Recommended reading, also use own research:
Good Submissions/Examples of Good Practice
• Reports were clearly organised, well structured and lacking in obvious mistakes.
• Consistent use of formatting.
• Care taken to create well-formatted and uncluttered visualisation of data.
• Made appropriate use of financial terminology
• Considered implications for exchange rate determination

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