Compare and contrast the Utilitarianism theory of Ethics with the Kantianism theory of Ethics.

Examination Essay
Write a 2,000 word essay that addresses the following question:
1. Compare and contrast the Utilitarianism theory of Ethics with the Kantianism theory of Ethics.
What are you being asked to do?
Question 1
1. You need to define both theories.
2. You need to explore their advantages and disadvantages.
3. You need then to construct an argument based upon your critical analysis of the advantages and disadvantages that argues as to why you would recommend or not recommend the Utilitarianism theory of Ethics or the Kantianism theory of Ethics.
4. Remember your argument must be supported by citation. You must give due credit to the works of others that you use (see the Essay Guidelines and the material on Citation on MyAberdeen). Also remember that any work you cite must appear in your bibliography and that works you don’t cite should not be in your bibliography (see Essay Guidelines and material on Bibliography on MyAberdeen).
Read relevant sections of the Crane et al., (2016) textbook (Chapter 3, page 93 to
109) as closely as possible and take detailed notes as appropriate. Read and take notes from the additional material provided
Undertake further reading by; consulting relevant academic texts available within the library, accessing journal articles through Google Scholar (see and other sources (e.g. those available online).
Avoid the use of Wikipedia as this does not always contain accurate information. It can be useful in pointing you towards other resources but it is not a good one in itself.
You should submit your assignment answer in essay format, including a word count. You must cite and include in your bibliography a minimum of three works, including at least one academic textbook. You may use headings to help structure your essay if you wish but be aware that this is an essay and not a report.
Your work should adhere to the following basic structure – see below.
• Title and word count.
• Introduction
• Main section
• Conclusions
• Bibliography
You should try to adopt an impersonal writing style by writing in the third person. For example, this would involve using the phrase ‘the author’ as opposed to ‘I’ or ‘me’.
Please take special care with your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Your answers to the question will be assessed on the basis of:
In terms of the Structure, students are reminded that essays should be written in a business like, professional style with an executive summary, and points and ideas clearly enumerated and explained. Think about the structure of the note with particular focus on the sections that you think are important. Don’t forget to include a conclusions and recommendations section. You may also want to include an appendix section for additional and supporting material that may be of use to the reader.
In terms of the Content, students must demonstrate: [i] knowledge of the Busniess Ethics model/concept in question; [ii] the ability to search out additional (relevant) material to that given in the lecture; [iii] the ability to collate material into logical and coherent lines of reasoning in a critical and analytical fashion; and [iv] the ability to inform the reader whilst answering the question.
General Instructions
• As noted above, your essay should be 2,000 words in length (±10%), using 12 font, Ariel, 1.5 line spacing and a 4 cm margin on the right-hand side of the page. All pages must be numbered. Do not exceed the maximum word limit. This excludes,Table of Contents, References and
Appendices. Word count should not be exceeded (an allowance of +/ – 10% of the stated value is allowed).
• Include a total ‘word count’ at the start of your essay (excluding your bibliography but including any footnotes or endnotes) immediately after the title of your work.
• Figures & Tables: All figures and tables should have a number, clear description and note any source reference(s) used in their creation.
• Bibliography – When you directly or indirectly refer to an academic source within your essay it is imperative that use the Harvard System of Referencing. Consult the following guides:
Harvard Referencing Standard Guide.
Please ensure that your work is written in your own words. A written piece of work cannot be a simple ‘cut and paste’ of material found on the web or in journals or books. Moreover, you must accurately acknowledge the contributions of others (i.e. your work must properly reference quotes, ideas etc.). A full list of the references you use (listed alphabetically and by surname) must be included at the end of your work.
• Assignments will be marked with reference to the University’s Common Grading Scale (CGS).

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