This assignment focuses on using the EBP process and applying an EBP model or framework to improve your
writing skills. Writing that is characterized by strong organization, appropriate use of evidence, scholarly tone,
grammatically-sound sentence structure, and correctly-formatted citations and references is of paramount
importance in all aspects of your professional role. Excelling in all three of these areas enables you to seamlessly
integrate them into aspects of your professional life, including your roles of scholar-practitioner and health care
leader. Creating and implementing your own plan to continually develop these skills will set the stage for
improvements in your writing so that you communicate accurately and eloquently.
In this assignment, you will choose one of eight EBP models or frameworks that best applies to a PICO(T)
question focused on the continued development and improvement of writing skills. You will then create a
writing skills development plan by applying the EBP model or framework. Your aim is to facilitate the
achievement of two specific writing improvement goals you created when you reflected on and examined
feedback received throughout this course from Smarthinking and your instructor.
The following PICOT question will serve as the basis for this assignment:
• For my professional roles of scholar, practitioner and healthcare leader (P), will a writing skills development
plan based on a specific EBP model or framework (I) improve my writing skills and facilitate the achievement
of my two writing goals (C, O) in the next 3-6 months (T)?
In this PICO(T) question, the population (P) is you and the professional roles you seek to enrich, improve and
refine. The writing skills development plan, based on the application of an EBP model of your choice, is the
evidence-based intervention (I). The outcomes (O) include improved writing skills, as delineated by two specific
writing goals you have identified for yourself from the results of your Writing Self-Assessment and feedback
received from Smarthinking and your instructor, which also serve as the baseline or comparison (C). The
timeframe (T) should be a realistic, feasible amount of time in which you will monitor and observe demonstrated

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