A critical analysis of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United Kingdom and a Christian response.

Black Lives Matter Sources
Nuclear family structure and Extended/Village

9 Things You Should Know About Family Structure

Dissertations & Theses
We are family: An exploration of Biblical family models
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The Biblical Purpose of Family: A Study of Jesus’ Teachings on Family in the Synoptic Gospels
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Doctor of Ministry Thesis Project: The Church is Familial and is Built on Spiritually Strong Families
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Black Queer Ethics: An Investigation into Ethical Norms of Kinship and Family
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From Cohabitation to Covenant: Helping Churches Preserve the Traditional Nuclear Family in America
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What does it mean to be human male? A critical analysis of the models of manhood in Paul Jewett’s “Man as Male and Female”, Stephen Clark’s “Man and Woman in Christ”, and Stanley Grenz’s “Sexual Ethics”
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Understanding the cultural changes of family creation, size and unity through the analysis of the changing behaviors and meanings of their symbols
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The bible unveiled: A response to the religious right’s war on same-sex marriage
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Gender Affirmation Surgery and Post-operative Regret: A Systematic Review of the Literature between 2009 and 2017
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The Heart of Sex: Exploring God’s Design for Sexuality
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A liberation-oriented theological paradigm for evangelicals and sexual minorities caught at the nexus of orthodoxy and identity
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Scholarly Journals
Where Gender and Religion Meet: Differentiating Gender Role Ideology and Religious Beliefs about Gender
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Gender Dysphoria in Adults: An Overview and Primer for Psychiatrists
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