Write a short story on discrimination OR abortion

The short story does not need to be referenced using OSCOLA, just write a list of acknowledgements at the end,
if you do quote something from somewhere put it in quotation marks. The short story is 1000 words only and the
reflective writing is 1500 words. The short story is worth 60% and reflective writing is 40%. The short story has
to be grounded in legal research to meet the marking criteria. Please use the following: cases and statutes,
articles, journals, command papers, parliamentary debates, websites, and use at least 3 books. I will include an
example of a short story and the reflective writing for it that got 76% but that was on race it should be helpful,
please don’t copy because it has already been submitted.
I will attach the marking criteria. The short story is called the ‘POW’ in the marking criteria. In the marking
criteria there are 3 criterias you must follow for the short story and reflective writing to achieve a high mark,
please follow the 70-100% bit on each section. Please don’t write formally as this is a piece of creative writing.
‘POW’ is piece of work.
Also, if you feel like you would do better at writing a blog or an artistic piece please let me know there’s some
really good examples of these that I have attached below. However, you can’t do the legal advice, research
memorandum, or journalism. I have attached examples of artistic pieces and blogs too. Look at the reflective
writing on these too.
If you do choose to write a blog, you need to copyright pictures you include and add hyperlinks in the blog, you
need to adhere to a blog format.
The 3 marking criteria for the short story or another POW you choose to write:
1. Clarity of message and communication:
2. Content of composition:
3. Suitability for audience:
The 3 marking criteria for the reflective writing:
1. Independent working and making reflective connection on learning:
2. Obtaining and acting on feedback:
3. evidence of design process choices and legal research underpinning POW design choices:
**There is more information about this on the assessment brief

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