Wine Quality

Select any of the 5 scenarios.
There are five winery scenarios listed in the linked file below and you are asked to propose a production-scale research project for the topic that you choose.
Download Research Scenarios for Assignment 4
The purpose of the research project is to gain experience in analyzing the value of specific winemaking practices for the enhancement of wine quality and/or meeting stylistic goals. Five scenarios are presented in the above file. You should select one of the scenarios to use to develop your research project. The Project should be approached from the perspective of a consultant who is making a pitch for the job. You will want to present some background (to demonstrate your expertise) and then outline your experimental approach to the problem. You can assume that the winery in question is a medium-sized winery that can afford a significant production scale experiment and will not be afraid of a substantial investment of time, grapes and energy. The Project should be roughly 7 pages in length (12 pt font). Winery owners (and this instructor) would not like to read more…. It will need to detail the experimental design and be writtiquen using the following format:

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