Watch The Eagle Huntress (2016) to complete this assignment

Watch The Eagle Huntress (2016) to complete this assignment. You must write an essay that follows each part of the prompt below. Use Standard American English. Deviate only if doing so helps you effectively communicate with your audience. However, you must use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Avoid phonetic spelling and offensive language. Upload your writing as a MS Word document or PDF to the folder in Canvas. Format your assignment using MLA Style. Cite the assigned media and, if you reference additional sources, document them using MLA Style.
Your essay must include an argument, which is essentially a well-formed opinion. To be complete, your argument must state a debatable conclusion (thesis) and found it upon two premises (see Appendix A). I say “debatable” because an argument must necessarily be true or false; it cannot simply be a fact or repeat the definition of a narrative technique. Aisholpan’s lesson to her audience is “Girls can do anything boys can if they try” (subtitles; 11:45). The film underscores this message with Sia’s lyrics, “you can do anything” (“Angel by the Wings”). Perhaps you agree that “[Aisholpan’s] story is inspiring enough without being cast as a struggle against male oppression” (Mayor). Perhaps Otto Bell is simply a cunning rhetorician who drives the message home by pitting his heroine against a struggle that is familiar to Western audiences. Your thesis must answer the question “does Bell’s documentary pursue its objective ethically?” See rubric for more criteria.
A rebuttal is an attempt to disprove an opponent’s argument. Present a credible counterargument that is opposite the position that you took in your argument. Do not present the counterargument from your point of view. Then, write a rebuttal that defends your conclusion against this counterargument. See rubric for more criteria.

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