Using examples from ONE organisation of your choice, examine how leadership theory and practice has impacted upon organisation sustainability

To do this, you must:
a. Critically evaluate at least two leadership theories and demonstrate how theory relates to
leadership practices occurring within the chosen organisation.
b. Drawing on academic literature, discuss and critically evaluate three of the following topics
for leadership practices in the organisation of your choice:
o Power and influence
o Unethical leadership/ the dark side of leadership
o Leadership, gender and diversity
o Leadership self-awareness, resilience and crisis leadership
o Sustainable global and strategic leadership
o Leadership development
o Generational expectations of leadership
o Leadership and followership
Evaluate how effectively the organisation’s leadership has managed these challenges and
issues, and provided effective business solutions for organisational sustainability.
In terms of conceptualising ‘organisational sustainability’, we draw upon Colbert and Kurucz (2007) colloquial
of sustainability as being to “keep the business going”. Wales (2013) states another frequently used term in this
refers to the “future proofing” of organizations.
Credit will be given to those who demonstrate a comprehensive understating of contemporary
leadership issues and literature which draws on a wide scope of materials.
However, please be aware that there are 4 elements to be covered in this assignment – the leadership
theories element and the 3 leadership topic areas – please make sure you balance your assignment to
reflect these (i.e. do not allocate too much of your word count to any one area)

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