The History of the Opioid Crisis in the United States and Impact on Health

PAPER # 1 (8 pages)
Paper Title: The History of the Opioid Crisis in the United States and Impact on Health
1. Understand the history of the opioid crises that has influenced the shaping of the current policy related to opioid use.
2. Apply information published on the opioid crisis in shaping family and other social structure.
3. Create a chronology of the opioid crisis and discuss lessons learned that influence safe and effective pain management.
Secure resources (texts, Harvard website, current journals and so on) and discuss the history of the opioid crisis in the United States (for example the current crisis is the third crisis in the United States).
Harvard Resources Pain. Identify common themes of the various crises across the identified time span that have contributed to the growth of an opioid crisis.
Discuss the lessons learned through the crises, as you view them, and how those lessons could be used to alter policies related to the appropriate use of opioids for all citizens. Be sure to include political, economic, and social considerations for individuals, organizations, and government agencies (micro, meso, and macro levels).
10-15 peer review articles (2015-2020), APA format 10-12 pages. Include a reference page.

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