(Surveillance Capitalism) How does Surveillance Capitalism impact the free will of individuals in the past 2 decades around the world

Your final essay will be a synthesis of your interdisciplinary research this term. The goal of this paper is to
survey the literature that you have determined addresses your research topic and question and to show how
knowledge and perspectives from these sources relate to each other.
Your tasks:
In an introductory paragraph of about 300-500 words, state your research topic and your research question.
Establish the definitions of the terms you are using in your research question. (For example, if your question
refers to “early childhood education,” explain that this means “ages 3-7” or “up to grade 2 in the U.S.”)
In the body of the essay (1200-1500 words) describe how information from the sources you have consulted
contribute to an understanding of the topic you are investigating. Rather than presenting summaries of the
sources one-by-one as you did in your annotated bibliography, strive to describe the body of literature in larger
conceptual groups. Think about how individual sources are in conversation with other ones. There are many
ways to organize the body of your essay. You could look at several “sides” in a debate; or how researchers use
several different research methods to study this topic; or how different disciplines contribute differently to
knowledge about this topic; or how different subtopics are emphasized in the body of literature you have
consulted. Recall how you justified your choices of sources in the annotated bibliography as a blueprint and use
the “Identifying a Conversation” resource below to help clarify some conceptual groupings.
The conceptual groupings should arise organically from the body of literature you’ve read so there aren’t hard
and fast rules for the structure. (For example, you may be describing one debate where there are 3 distinct
perspectives, or two debates where there are two perspectives each. You may be addressing how quantitative
methods produce different knowledge than experimental methods. You may see how behavioral scientists tend to
create certain kinds of findings while education scholars contribute another sort. Or that there are 3 or 4 or 5
subtopics in the body of literature.)
In a concluding paragraph of 300-500 words, describe one “gap” in the body of knowledge you have surveyed.
What’s one thing that seems to be undiscovered or one thing that there’s little consensus on? Suggest how you
think this “gap” may be filled in.
You must engage (i.e. cite and interact with) with at least 10 relevant and substantive sources, of which at least 5
are peer-reviewed articles on original research. The essay should contain in-text citations and a works cited list
using APA or MLA citation style consistently.

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