Research paper/Consulting

Analyze a case of CEO succession and its impact on an organization. Find a publicly held firm that has changed
CEOs within the last 24 months. Include why the CEO left, whether the new CEO came from within or outside
of the organization, and compare and contrast them. Describe any major strategic changes, internally or
externally, that have occurred in the organization since the change – new structures, acquisitions, divestitures,
closed down product lines, new markets, etc.
This final paper should explore the following: external and internal environment, business and corporate level
strategy, business dynamics, and factors impacting the firm—marketplace, technology, culture, structure, and
political realities ( including the concepts and ensure the evidence are there. Include sub
topics/subheadings/refernce in
Please include an abstract with keywords/ No more than 5 year old reference/I will send you a class book that
you can add as a reference

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