Religious Discrimination Against Afro-Brazilians

This is for Chapter 2 of a 15,000-word LLM dissertation. Any number of sources may be used, but please remember this is a law paper. The focus needs to be on case law/legal articles as much as possible.
Chapter 2: Compare and Contrast Current Law with Previous Law
1. Examine statutes and case law and show whether there is deviation from the Brazilian Constitution. The aim here is to take the reader from a retrospective view to a current view.
2. Include and evaluate the constitutional framework of the right to religion and non-discrimination.
Please carefully read the attachments. The thesis of the overall dissertation is, The long history of Africans in Brazil being treated as less than full citizens combined with the increased number of evangelical Christians in major government positions dramatically contributes to the oppression of Afro-Brazilians’ abilities to freely and safely practice their ancestral religions, especially when it comes to the application of the law in persecuting those who commiquit hate crimes against them.

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