Provide a critical analysis of the CSR report of cagrill 2019

Provide a critical analysis of the CSR report of the organisation of your choice (Cargill Corporation) and explain
how this initiative might help to construct a better society and make business (any other organisation) stronger,
but as well, discuss the limitations of such practices. Your argument should be balanced and analytical (each
argument must be grounded within examples, enabling to prove it. You essay must be original – For instance you
are invited to write a long conclusion to extend or discuss certain aspects of your choice related to the main
topics of this question. In the conclusion a personal opinion, if well-argued is more than welcome. Please
provide a lot of in text citation and a minimum of 15 sources including green peace and similar organizations
with an alternative view. Also please refer to the theory in the lectures.
Lectures are not to be cite or included in citation.

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