t. There are 3 parts to the instructions that all have
to flow in the same essay. The three parts are below taken from the project which is attached.
Understand the effect the Civil War had on Native Americans.
Cite specific textual evidence in writing.
Analyze a primary source and a secondary source and compare their points of view.
Compose an essay that explains the impact of the Civil War on Native Americans.
2. While reading, answer the following questions, based on the primary source of the letter:
1. Why did Ross write the letter?
2. What does Ross say ties the Cherokee to the U.S.?
3. How does he compare the Cherokee to the U.S.?
4. Why did the Cherokee join the Confederacy?
5. What does Ross want?
3. Directions
Consider the primary source about Chief John Ross’s letter. Conduct research to locate a secondary source on
the letter. Then, write a 300-500 word compare/contrast essay that discusses the similarities and differences
between the primary and secondary source regarding Chief John Ross’s letter to President Lincoln. Your claim
should answer the question: How does the study of secondary sources challenge a person’s understanding of
history? Use evidence from both sources to support your explanations. Be sure to conclude with a commentary
on the use of primary and secondary sources when studying histo

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