No Country for Old Men (2007)

this paper is analysis
No Country for Old Men narrates three characters’ processes of investigation. The word investigation may come from a Latin construction meaning “to track footprints”. While tracking the pronghorn he wounded, Llewelyn Moss finds instant wealth, but it costs him more than it offers. Tracking Moss’s pursuer, Sheriff Bell puzzles over a greater mystery; he tries to understand the nature of violent crime and guard himself against it. Anton Chigurh tracks the money that Moss found, but what guides him? Wealth motivates Llewelyn to hide. Justice motivates Bell to seek. What motivates Chigurh to kill? As we consider this question, let us analyze Chigurh’s actions.
Reference No Country for Old Men (2007) to complete this assignment. You must write an essay that follows each part of the prompt below. Use Standard American English. Deviate only if doing so helps you effectively communicate with your audience. However, you must use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Avoid phonetic spelling and offensive language. Upload your writing as a MS Word document or PDF to the folder in Canvas. Format your assignment using MLA Style. Cite the assigned media and, if you reference additional sources, document them using MLA Style.
Your essay must include an analysis. Analyses are arguments and arguments are well-formed opinions. To be complete, your argument must state a debatable conclusion (thesis) and found it upon two premises (see Appendix A). I say “debatable” because an argument must necessarily be true or false; it cannot simply be a fact or repeat the definition of a narrative technique. “You don’t understand. You can’t make a deal with him. Even if you gave him the money back, he’d still kill you just for inconveniencing him. He’s a peculiar man. You might even say he has principles, principles that transcend money or drugs or anything like that. —Carson Wells in No Country for Old Men (1:20:35 VLC). A principle is a principle, no matter how perverse the actions that follow from it. Your thesis must answer the question “what principle guides Anton Chigurh to kill his victims?” See rubric for more criteria.
Exposition is writing that explains. Your analysis must also include an exposition that should explain how the filmmakers employ a specific technique (see below). Summaries of the material are unnecessary and unsatisfactory. They will not receive credit. Choose one of the following character’s process of investigation. You must choose between (a) Llewelyn’s investigation of the blood trail that eventually leads him to the briefcase, (b) Chigurh’s investigation to recover the briefcase that eventually leads him to the Eagle Pass Hotel, or (c) Bell’s investigation of Chigurh’s crimes that eventually leads Bell to revisit the crime scene at the Desert Sands Motor Hotel. Your exposition must identify three different types of shots that the filmmakers use to narrate the character’s process of investigation. Your exposition must also describe what you see in each picture and how the picture advances the plot of the character’s investigation.

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