Narrative reflection

Written narrative reflection (what I have learned post clinical hours). I am a nursing student. I completed my night shift clinical hours on the med-surge floor at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida
Written narrative reflection. Cannot be in first person (what I have learned post clinical hours; post-course written reflection describing what I have learned related to your goals/objectives post/majority of clinical hours) Written reflection must include: a title page in APA format, 1 page of written narrative in APA 7th, reference page in APA 7th format.
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Nursing care management of groups of patients through a practicum experience in a selected clinical setting that requires critical thinking, nursing skills and social and multicultural competence
Transition from student to graduate role is provided through leadership experience in a selected setting which allows synthesis of knowledge, skills and understanding. Experiences are expected to reinforce the roles of caregiver, coordinator of care, and member of a profession while functioning in a multicultural and technological environment through the application of nursing knowledge, theory, and research.
– Demonstrate tolerance and flexibility for the ambiguity and unpredictability of the world and its effect on the healthcare system.
– Critically analyze evidence-based practice guidelines/research, nursing theories, and theories from other disciplines that support the selection, prioritization, implementation of nursing functions and quality outcomes in the care of a group of individuals and their families.
-Demonstrate clinical judgment and accountability for patient/client outcomes when delegating to and supervising other members of the health care team.
-Collaborate and communicate within a team to develop and revise plans of care for a group of individuals and their families that take into account determinants of health, genetics and genomics, patient preferences, available resources, and the range of activities that contribute to health promotion and the prevention of disease and injury. Essential VI: Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology
– Use decision making skills, including the nursing process and problem solving processes, to deliver evidence-based family-centered care in the health promotion, maintenance, and restoration, disease and injury prevention, and rehabilitation of health for a group of individuals and their families, using developmentally and culturally appropriate approaches.
– Exemplify professionalism and professional values of nursing, including standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct for high quality and safe patient care as a member of the health care team.
– Manage the interaction of multiple functional problems affecting a group of patients/clients and their families across the lifespan in a clinical setting that approximates a beginning practitioner’s expected performance level.
– Analyze comprehensive and focused assessments (physical, psychosocial, developmental, spiritual, socioeconomic, and environmental) of health and illness parameters for a diverse group of individuals and their families.
-Demonstrate holistic, patient/client centered care that reflects an understanding of genetics and genomics, pathophysiology, pharmacology, clinical management, and ethical issues for a group of individuals and their families in multicultural communities. Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice
-Collaborate and communicate within a team to resolve ethical and other practice dilemmas of individual patients/clients and families.
– Participate in the evaluation of information systems in practice settings to influence the delivery of care, deployment of resources, and provide input into the development of policies to promote health and prevent disease and injury.

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