Language Analysis

ASSIGNMENT 1 Title: Language Analysis
Length: 1000 words (approx.)
In order to teach grammar or vocabulary effectively in the classroom, you need to have thought about when we use it, what it means, how it is pronounced and how it is formed. You also need to have thought about how you are going to present this information verbally and visually in a way that is suitably clear for the level.
On the next page is a typical text that you might use in class. Look at the items in the table on the following pages and for all 3 grammatical structures and all 3 lexical items (underlined and in bold in the text):
• Analyse the meaning (in this context) of the target item
• Analyse the form and pronunciation of the item as you would on the whiteboard
• Identify any problems students may have with meaning, form and pronunciation and provide realistic solutions
• State which references you have used to help you in your analysis.
An example has been done with a grammar structure (page 3).
This assignment counts towards the TP Module AND the CELTA.
They have the same criteria. For both, you need to demonstrate learning by:
 analysing language correctly for teaching purposes
 correctly using terminology relating to form, meaning and pronunciation when analysing language
 accessing reference materials and referencing information they have learned about language to an appropriate source
 using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task

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