Jehovah’s Witnesses Blood transfusion
The ethical issues I raised
Religious freedom
Model approach –Principlism
Moral obligation
• For my Essay I want to focus on the autonomy around consent. You can argue as you wish from whatever side suits you. Please note I am not a medical student this is a Foundations of Ethics and Philosophy class
• Please see the instructions below
• Use credible academic sources only
• Do not speculate in the essay the professor hates it
• Harvard referencing is an absolute most
• Times new roman 12
• 1.5 spacing
Please Read carefully
1,500 word essay Excluding References
In the research essay, you are required to examine the ethical issues raised in the case-study that you have devised. You should construct an argument in relation to the dilemma(s) present in the case-study. You should also consider and refute possible objections to that argument. Students are also required to demonstrate that they have researched the relevant ethical issues through books, journal articles etc. All sources must be referenced properly using the Harvard method. Due care and attention should be paid to structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar

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