Is this correct or is it propaganda designed to elicit public sympathy for the owners?

Case Study 4: Baseball
In 1994, baseball players were on strike and the team owners were quoted in the NY Post calling the players “fat
cats” with an average salary of $1.2 million per year. Is this correct or is it propaganda designed to elicit public
sympathy for the owners?
Using the dataset BASEBALL, find the relevant information for each team, includ-ing measures of Center and
Spread. Make appropriate graphs and compare them.
TASK 1: Now that you have calculated these statistics, discuss the owners’ statement that the players have an
average annual salary of $1,200,000. If you were giving information to the media, what would you say about the
salaries of the players in the New York area? Which numbers influenced you the most? Write an article FROM
THE PLAYERS POINT OF VIEW disputing the “fat cats” quote.
TASK 2: Next, look at the two New York teams together. Give the same measures of Center and Spread for the ”
New York Professional Baseball Team” salaries. Does this combined study change what you said above [in
SUBMISSION 1] in any way? Using what you have learned from this data, write a Letter to the Editor backing
the owners in this dispute. Be sure to justify your statements.
Utilize the answers to the questions above to write an entry for your sports blog (2 or more paragraphs with a
title), using this data as a basis for what you say. You must in-clude at least 2 graphs/tabulated data to support
your blog. Submit the blog entry with a cover page that has your name, instructor’s name and section.

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