How christ fulfills and is prefigured in the old covenants

Your “Semester Essay” will be about how Christ fulfills and is prefigured in the Old covenants. Drawing on material from this course (HINT: Scripture), especially the specific covenants (and their characteristics), as well as particular events and people in the OT, you will need to include discussions of the following (1) What is Creation? How is God present at Creation? (2) How have we seen Creation “recapitulated” or re-sone through Scripture? Where has God re-created the world? This should include at least two instances. (3) How is Christ a/the new creation? How is he a fulfillment of what came before him? This should include at least one person and at least one event who/that prefigures Christ. (4) What ways do we participate in this new creation? This should include a discussion of Baptism. (6) How is Baptism and the Eucharist prefigured in the Old Testament? This should include at least one event (for each) that we see this prefiguration. This essay must follow the following guidelines: 2500 words, single-spaced, 12pt-font, Times New Roman font-type, page numbers, a title, footnotes (accordiiqung to Chicago manual style).

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