How can today’s media be used to change the past?

We have explored the history of media and have seen how the past has shaped the future. Pretend you have a time machine with enough juice for one round trip. Use it to go back in time to a pivotal moment in history. Some examples can include a political group in action, or even talking to an activist during a moment in time you feel could reshape the future; you choose.
In your paper please address: How can today’s media be used to change the past? Pick a momentous era or an event in time between 1900 and 2020 and look at: a social justice movement, a war, a political group, a shift in entertainment, the death of a prominent or notable figure (examples: MLK, Treyvon Martin, Emmet Till, JFK, etc), or a political struggle (example: civil rights movement).
You will bring with you a particular piece of media: a song, a speech, a show, a video, or documentary that you feel might change the course of the future. You can even jump into the era to save someone’s life, like an aforementioned figure, but think about how, and the impact that would have on the course of the future. Please explicitly address how media can impact futures by considering some of the work we have looked at in class, including representations of families and sexuality on screen. How would their future change by seeing that piece of media at that moment? Would it be possible to change our futures by speakiiqung to our past? How?

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