Friction in Forging Dies

The poster template – Do not change the overall layout, especially the small header or footer, for the sake of uniformity. The important parts of the layout are:
• the header with semester,
• project title,
• sponsor name/logo,
• your names with major “Firstname Lastname (ECE)” – also identify the project Leads: “ME, Lead”,
• the body of the poster and
• the small footer with Dr. Latcha’s contact info.
You can change the font size and the size of the boxes for the title, sponsor info, student names and body, but not in the header or footer.
The main body is where you have the most freedom, what appears on the template is only a suggestion. This is a stand-alone poster – it is the only information most people will ever see of your project – so include anything that is necessary to describe
• what you did
• why you did it
• your goals (specifications)
• how you did it
• your results – measured against the goals
• your recommendations and conclusions
• a few references and acknowledgements
This poster should be both informative and attractive. Tell your story with pictures, graphics, CAD models, etc. as much as possible.

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