Explain and Persuade Paper

In the first part of the paper, your job is to explain to your reader how to find and evaluate the credibility of
sources on your topic. Your reader for this assignment is a smart person in your age group who hasn’t yet
learned how to evaluate information they find on the internet regarding your topic. Here are some of the things
you should discuss:
The purpose and use of each type of internet source you found.
How you evaluated the sources for credibility.
Where you found the most and least credible information.
The process a person should use to test the credibility of a source.
Any other hints, tips, and other information a person should know about internet information.
In the second part of the paper, your job is to make a policy argument related to your topic. Use the sources you
found in your annotated bibliography to argue something that should be done about educating the public about
your topic. Here are some of the things you should discuss:
Which organization or organizations should be responsible for educating the public about your topic.
How we should educate people who are completely unfamiliar with the topic.
Which media channels and outlets we should use to correct misinformation.
Which groups of people need the most/least education about your topic.
Why should efforts be made to educate people about this topic?
What people with strong points of view about your topic should do to educate themselves on differing
In both parts of your paper you must support your points with evidence. You must cite sources from the course
and sources from your annotated bibliography. If you need one or two additional sources, that’s fine, but you
shouldn’t have to do much additional research. Focus instead on creating a detailed explanation in part one and a
well reasoned argument in part two.

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