Evaluate current strategies used in aerobic and anaerobic training.

Your Assessment will be based on a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint© presentation in which you specifically design a
personalized exercise program using your fitness and wellness knowledge. You will determine your current
fitness levels and employ the FITT principle to plan an effective long-term exercise program. Please include key
points and graphics on your slides, as well as cited and APA-formatted 7- to 10-sentence paragraphs within your
speaker notes in the Notes section of the presentation.
Please include the following sequence for your slides:
Slide 1: Title slide
Slide 2: Discuss your current fitness level and your overall fitness goal.
Speaker notes (SN): Discuss your current stage of fitness based on the trans-theoretical model, PAR-Q, and
additional course assessments.
Slides 3–6: Identify a specific goal for improvement for each component of fitness: cardiovascular endurance,
muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.
SN: Discuss your fitness test results from labs, barriers, and why this specific goal is intrinsically important to
Slides 7–9: Apply the FITT principle to your cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility
SN: Be specific! Frequency for one component must match up with others according to your cohort’s
requirements. Intensity must be measurable discuss target heart rate, RPE, and weight lifted. Time must also
match up with frequency according to your cohort. Type: be very specific in the types of exercises that will help
you achieve each component’s goals.
Slides 10–12: Create a 1-week exercise chart specifically outlining your cardiovascular, strength training, and
flexibility exercise plan. (Be sure to include how long you are going to participate in any cardiovascular
exercises and be specific about the types of cardiovascular, strength training, and stretching you will participate
You are not required to have speaker notes for these slides. The detail should be in the chart for anyone to
Slide 13: Conclusion
Slides 14–15: Reference slides

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