draw a leadership timeline

Culminating Exercise 5.Le adership Timeline (Creating a narrative)
Instructions. On the next two pages, draw a leadership timeline. Begin with your earliest
memories and continue to the present. Highlight the key events that taught you about
leadership, noting your approximate age and a brief description of the event.
What are the key milestones in your leadership journey? Here are some ideas to get you
• An example of leadership from someone else (perhaps from a parent, or a coach,
or even a peer)
• A time when you learned first-hand about what it means to lead (perhaps the first
time you led a team, or influenced someone else)
• A book or a film
• An event in the news
• A course you took
On the second page, think about yourself in the future. What are the possible events that
you can envision happening that will influence you as a leader and how your leader
identity will evolve? You can pick a future timeframe as you see fit, but it is suggested to
look 20 years or more out. You may see that the next 5 years are predictable, whereas 15,
20, or 30 years out has many possibilities. Some things to think about charting:
• An anticipated or desired promotion
• Milestones for you or your immediate family members that might impact your
o Children moving out of the house
o Retirement
o Completion of degree or certification
• An anticipated or desired trip
• An anticipated or desired job change

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