CW2: Portfolio and reflective summary

Using materials generated by the project classes and through your independent study, populate a portfolio
of evidence of your learning and development during the module.
Write a 500 word reflective summary to explain how and why these materials have supported the
development of your employability.
This assignment requires you to Create a portfolio as below:
1. Create a minimum of 10 artefacts. (The individual artefacts and project materials have no word count
associated with them but it is anticipated that these should add up to a minimum of 1500 words of
original content.)
2. Upload your artefacts to LSST OneDrive (RMUnify) and share this with your seminar lecturer and
with your tutor.
3. Ensure the artefacts are clearly organised and sequenced within the portfolio
4. Write the 500 word summary and submit this through Turnitin.
Portfolio workshops will be provided to help you to complete these tasks.
Word counts:
There is a word count of 500 words for the summary and you should provide the portfolio in
appendix section of the summary.
The individual artefacts and project materials have no word count associated with them but it is
anticipated that these should add up to a minimum of 1500 words of original content.
This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your
achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
Updated: Ina Stan 04/09/2020
Internal approval: Sara Eaglesfield 04/09/2020
LO 1 Demonstrate effective communication skills, applicable to academic and professional contexts.
LO 2 Reflect on their individual performance, behaviour and experience in education and/or
LO 3 Locate and evaluate resources for academic and employment-related purposes
LO 4 Think critically and creatively about graduate employment opportunities in the future
Task requirements
Written work submitted as part of this assignment should be presented according to the following:
1. The summary should be 1.5 line spaced
2. Font must be Arial 12
3. Follow the reference guidelines
4. The summary must be within the word count range 450-550 words
Referencing and research requirements
Please reference your work according to the Harvard style for your subject as defined in Cite Them Right
Online ( This information is also available in book form: Pears, R. and
Shields, G. (2016) Cite them right: the essential reference guide. 10th edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave
Macmillan. Copies are available via the University library.
As the portfolio is developmental, only the summary will be marked according to the Harvard referencing
guidelines on Cite Them Right Online.
How your work will be assessed
Your work will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates your achievement of the stated learning
outcomes for this assignment (see above) and against other key criteria, as defined in the University’s
institutional grading descriptors. If it is appropriate to the format of your assignment and your subject area,
a proportion of your marks will also depend upon your use of academic referencing conventions.
This assignment will be marked according to the grading descriptors for Foundation Level.

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