Critical Review of Journal Article Sportswear brand

Learning Outcome 2: Critically review the marketing process and evaluate its role in contemporary marketing practice
Learning Outcome 3: Critically analyse and apply key traditional and digital marketing theories
Assignment Brief Instructions Assignment Guidance
How ADIDAS have embedded and applied the marketing process within the trade journal article;
1.Draw out the points in relation to the marketing process:
1.1 What is the need and want of the current market also is there a DEMAND – how could ADIDAS have used the various methods of attaining customer insight to identify the current target market?
1.2 Look at this from a macro and micro environmental perspective – DO NOT list PESTLE – think critically. Try to embed the factors naturally
1.3 How does a shifting population mix and the immigrant’s culture impact on the selection of the segment and target market – does this affect perception? Do they need to re-educate a new market in relation to their BRAND?
1.4 How does this fit with the shift in target market in the advertisement? Go back to the trade article.
1.5 Consider value – think about what the article stated and whether you agree or disagree with the statement – back up your discussion with evidence
1.6 Consider the marketing mix – how has this been discussed within the article – again DO NOT list, this should flow rather than having a series of sub-headings
1.7 What are limitations, challenges, complexities, benefits, opportunities and impact of the marketing mix from ADIDAS perspective – can the new target market afford their products?
1.8 How does the article refer to developing a relationship that creates delight? – how can ADIDAS build strong relations with their new target market through the “Creators Club”?
1.9 Will this enable ADIDAS to be achieve long-term sustainability – think growth – think profitability (where are they now?)
How this reflects current marketing practises 2. Discuss the ADIDAS Omni channel marketing campaign – what are they doing and how is this in line with their competitors
2.1 Does this fit with their “new” target market?
2.2 What are the challenges on Omni Channelling?
Relate relevant omni channel marketing theories and models to the trade journal article 3. Research marketing theory and models to support the above points – make direct reference to areas within the article – challenge the theory and models in relation to the Generation X/Y/Z perspective – are the models too generic.
3.1 Don’t be afraid of criticising the authors – just make sure you back up your argument or provide an rationale for the argument
Provide brief recommendations based on your review and analysis. 4. This is down to you – based on your research and analysis of the current theories, models and practices, what would recommend?
4.1 Remember, you will also need a conclusion to pull your assignment together

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