Consolidating the Research approaches

• The paper that you will be using and the ranking of the journal from which it has been taken. Also, why did
you choose that paper?
• The main epistemological and ontological position that you infer and reasoning for why and how you arrived at
that conclusion.
• The theory used in the paper and an alternative theory that would have worked. Provide some reasoning for
your choice.
• How does the philosophy, theory and methodological approach align in the chosen paper? If they don’t,
provide reasons why.
• An alternative methodological approach that would have worked and, again, provide reasoning.
Second assignment
There is often a qualitative-quantitative divide researchers; sometimes academics working on similar issues in
the same discipline will not cite each other’s work owing to the paradigm differences. Do you feel this
productive and, if not, how will you attempt to reconcile this schism in your own research.

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