Compare and contrast the Utilitarianism theory of Ethics with the Kantianism theory of Ethics

• You need to define both theories.
• You need to explore their advantages and disadvantages.
• You need then to construct an argument based upon your critical analysis of the advantages and disadvantages
that argues as to why you would recommend or not recommend the Utilitarianism theory of Ethics or the
Kantianism theory of Ethics.
• Remember your argument must be supported by citation. You must give due credit to the works of others that
you use Also remember that any work you cite must appear in your reference list and that works you don’t cite
should not be in your reference list.
Read relevant sections of the Crane et al., (2016) textbook (Chapter 3, page 93 to 109) as closely as possible and
take detailed notes as appropriate. Read and take notes from the additional material provided on MyAberdeen.
Undertake further reading by; consulting relevant academic texts available within the library, accessing journal
articles through Google Scholar (see and other sources (e.g. those available
online). Avoid the use of Wikipedia as this does not always contain accurate information. It can be useful in
pointing you towards other resources but it is not a good one in itself.

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