Anime Film History: Princess Mononoke, Perfect Blue, Ghost in a Shell etc.

This exam is open book. Time is unlimited, you have until the final deadline posted on mycourses to complete the exam.
Long Answer questions (10 points each)
Make sure you bring in major ideas from the class readings. You must describe the arguments presented in the reading for each question.
Your answers should be brief, from 2-3 paragraphs. You do not need to cite or reference any sources, but you do need to show knowledge of the reading.
1. What is a victim’s history?
2. What long cherished Japanese historic traditions does Princess Mononoke challenge?
3. How do the films Princess Kaguya and Genji Monogatori (1987) incorporate Heian era culture?
Essay Question (70 points)
You should take about 3-5 pages to answer this question. Use references from the reading to support your arguments. To refer to the reading within your essay, use the following format:
(Author, date, page number)
Write an analysis comparing Perfect Blue and Ghost in the Shell. Make sure that you identify a theme common to the works and use the films to support your argument.
1.) Make sure your discussion is at the implicit, explicit or symptomatic level(s) of meaning.
2.) Make sure you analyze the film(s) and support with references from the reading.
3.) Do bring in references to lectures and media clips that we watched for the modules and were mentioned in the reading.
4.) Make sure that you have a central argument, or thesis, for your analysis.
a. In a comparison, each work has things that are similar and different. Your thesis should NOT be that Perfect Blue and GITS have something in common. Your thesis should identify your topic. In this case, it would be the most important idea around your comparison.
b. Here’s a link to help you write your thesis if you are having problems
5.) Make sure you show understanding of the concepts described in the reading.
6.) Do NOT give long recounts of the plot – this is the referential level and it will not help your grade.

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