Social Judgement Theory

Project Summary of Assignment
Step 1: Choose a topic to analyze using of the theories listed here: Social Judgment Theory, Cognitive
Dissonance Theory, Self-Perception Theory, The Theory of Reasoned Action, and the Theory of Planned
Behavior. In addition to using a theory, as a secondary step, you may choose to apply compliance-gaining
strategies and source/message factors to your topic. To help you brainstorm a topic, read the Application section
in each chapter for the theory listed. For example, if you choose to use Social Judgment Theory, re-read page 98
– 100 in your textbook to give you an idea of how the theory has been applied. Also, health and current media
issues easily lend themselves to an analysis of persuasive communication (e.g., HPV vaccination, flu shots, the
BP oil spill, etc.)
Part I of Option #1
Step 2: Research the theory by finding at least 10 articles. Seven of these ten articles must be scholarly,
academic articles (like the ones from chapters 7, 9, and 13) that you can find the Communication and Mass
Media Complete database or PsychArticles database available online through the University of Memphis library.
The other 3 articles may come from current, trusted news sources (no popular magazines like People, etc. or
fashion/sports magazines!)
Step 3: Summarize the articles into a literature review. Here is a link to writing a literature review:

  • The Part I paper will be 3-5 pages in length
    Part II of Option #1
    An application paper using the theory researched in paper #1.
  • Part II paper will be 4-5 pages in length.
  • Total paper: 8-10 pages in length.

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