Social Issues in Film – Silver linings Playbook Mental Health

Essay has to be a minimum of four full double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins and 12-point font
-paper will be on the film Silver lingings Playbook (2012)
-Write a paper in which you discuss how this film represents a social issue in this case its mental health.
-Before you start writing your paper, it should be very helpful to acquaint yourself with the specific social issue or problem discussed in the movie of your choice.
-If you use any information from your sources, make sure to cite your sources in your essay and at the end of your paper to avoid plagiarism.
-The purpose of the paper is to offer your interpretation of the film. The paper should therefore not offer a plot summary of the film or a description of its characters. In other words, you are writing your paper for an audience familiar with the film. Your paper should offer your analysis of the film, and your analysis has to be convincingly supported with specific textual evidence drawn from the film: refer to specific scenes in the film, include quotations as necessary, and provide time stamps.
-Not limited to the sources attachiqued but use any or all of the sources below

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