How might the use of a smartphone be incorporated in physical education classes to enhance engagement?

Assessment 3 involves the development of a research proposal for a project and should be practitioner focused and is worth 60% of your final mark.
The purpose of this task is for you to:
1.Demonstrate that you understand the key concepts involved in developing and a research proposal
The unit learning outcome(s) assessed is/are:
LO1, Analyse and critique contemporary perspectives and theories related to educational research;
LO2, Explicate the essential elements and processes involved in undertaking quality educational research;
LO3, Elucidate an understanding of the need for the ethical conduct of research, and an awareness of the processes for applying for ethics approval when undertaking educational research;
LO4, Critically reflect on and evaluate different approaches to research
LO5, Investigate and design a research project; and
LO6, Defend and present a research proposal.
In this Assessment Task you are required to produce a research proposal which should contain the following:
• A title and introduction (overview and background or context for the study;
•  A referenced rationale for the study, in which appropriate literature is used to build the case for the research. The rationale will culminate in the research aims and research problem/question(s).
•  An explanation for choice of paradigm; methodology and research methods adopted, including reference to appropriate literature related to research methodology;
•  An explanation of the research design that will be adopted to answer/explore the research inquiry/questions;
•  A detailed discussion of data collection procedures (including details about the participant groups and selection if relevant);
•  An indication of how considerations such as reliability, validity or trustworthiness will be addressed;
•  A detailed discussion of data analysis and reporting;
•  A discussion of ethical issues that may be relevant and how they will be managed; 

•   A critically reflective statement;
•  A reference list containing minimum eight academic up-to-date peer reviewed references
To complete the Assessment Task you are required to

  1. Construct an appropriate title and write an abstract
  2. Write an introduction, overview and background or context for the study.
  3. Write a well referenced literature review for the study
  4. Write a clear research question
  5. Write a clear rationale for the choice of paradigm; methodology and research methods adopted
  6. Write a detailed and referenced explanation of data collection procedures (including participant selection if relevant).
  7. A detailed and referenced explanation of data analysis and reporting
  8. Write a discussion of ethical issues and potential risks that may be relevant
  9. Write a clear statement about you becoming a reflective practitioner or practitioner researcher in developing this proposal.
  10. Use a consistent academic writing style
  11. Use academic peer reviewed journals and
  12. Submit your research proposal as a Word or PDF document in the allocated dropbox on VU Collaborate
  13. Use the following file naming conventions for yoru submission: Student ID, Family name, first name, research proposal

Assessment Criteria

  1. Introduction Appropriate title and introduction which provides an overview of the proposed study
  2. Overview of literature related to the topic and rationale for study
  3. Explanation of the methodology A well referenced rationale for the choice of paradigm and research approach
  4. A detailed explanation of the proposed data collection procedures and analysis including reliability, validity or trustworthiness
  5. A discussion of ethical issues and potential risks that may be relevant and how they will be managed
  6. A critically reflective statement
  7. Mechanics of language and academic style

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