Formulate a data-driven plan (including multiple media assets) to address our Case Study (shown below) advertiser’s challenge and narrate your presentation, including the following parameters

Formulate a data-driven plan (including multiple media assets) to address our Case Study (shown below) advertiser’s challenge and narrate your presentation, including the following parameters (aligned with the rubric):
• Title slide to include what this proposal will do for the Client (the client’s challenge)
• What the client told you
• Research: Industry and national information including sources
• Research: Phoenix/Scottsdale Market information including sources
• Research: Desired demographic information (in Phoenix/Scottsdale), and demographic lifestyle information and media consumption habits including sources
• Your IDEA to attract the demographic
• Media choices (you must include television, radio, cable; make station/network recommendations for each), a minimum of 3 digital assets, and justification for why you made these media choices. Must include a minimum of any three (3) media and/or digital terms from Module 1.
• Describe the look and feel of the creative elements, and thorough ideas for messaging (such as a script outline, storyboard description); you do NOT need to actually create the finished assets.
• What you will do (before, during and after the campaign) to guarantee success
• A strong closing statement (“Thank you for your time” is not a closing statement!)
• Presentation Mechanics: Uses the provided presentation outline

A new Ford Dealership, Scottsdale Ford, is opening in Scottsdale, AZ in late Fall of 2021. You drove by and saw the construction sign which included a website for more information. You went to the site and all that was there was “Scottsdale Ford Opening Fall 2021” and a “Contact Us” form for more information. The telephone number went to a recording with no opportunity to leave a message. It was professionally designed, and you could tell it was going to be a “classy” website, unlike the typical car dealer site.
Your goal is to:

  1. Meet with the marketing/advertising decision maker
  2. Determine their goals, objectives, challenges for the dealership
  3. Uncover their plans for the opening and beyond
  4. Discover any other information to help you solve their challenges
  5. Who do THEY see as their best customer and why?
    PART 2
    You met with the owner, Carolyn Darden, and the Marketing Director, Jeremy Anderson. Ms. Darden inherited the dealership from her father and has limited experience or market knowledge, but has a Master’s in business and finance. She’s all about data. She needs proof but defers to Jeremy when it comes to media, marketing and promotions. Mr. Anderson worked for an ad agency in Phoenix that specialized in automotive. He pictures himself as an automotive marketing guru and a “big picture” thinker. It was obvious he was the key influencer, and it’s important to get him on your side, but Ms. Darden will make the final decision. Remember, she is all about data!
    What they told you:
  6. Ford sales are strong, primarily SUV’s and Trucks.
  7. Ford is noted for being innovative by adding many tech features to their vehicles.
  8. They want to learn about the Phoenix/Scottsdale market
  9. Scottsdale Ford will offer personalized instructional assistance to purchasers.
  10. The true profit for the dealership is in Service and recurring purchases (customer for life) as well as referrals.
  11. Their competition is most all dealerships in the DMA as buyers shop online for best price and availability once they have narrowed their choices down to 2-3 vehicles. Therefore, their online and digital presence is extremely important to them.
  12. Buyers know what they want when they enter the dealership and know what they are willing to pay for the vehicle.
  13. Often the only reason they come to the dealership is to sit in vehicle and/or test drive it.
  14. When buyers come into the dealership or their online sales department, they are typically ready to buy. Closing ratios are as high as 60%. Their goal is 100 sales a month, so they need to bring in approximately 165 prospects monthly.
  15. Buyers often know more about the vehicles than the salesperson!
  16. Getting people to visit their website and come into the dealership are the challenges.
  17. They have special finance programs for students and recent college graduates.
  18. Attract Millennials:
  19. They are the future of the dealership as they age and purchase through life
  20. They have substantial college loan debt
  21. Many still live with their parents and rely on their advice
  22. They use services such as Uber and Lyft when necessary
  23. They have low trust levels and limited brand loyalty
  24. Anderson is interested in learning everything about Millennials’ – their activities, desires, purchase decision-making process and media habits
  25. Great Financing for first time new car/truck/SUV buyers is available including help with student loan assistance
  26. They want to be innovative and looking for ideas to specifically attract Millennials (Mr. Anderson made it clear that Media is not an IDEA!)
  27. They definitely want to include broadcast television, cable television, radio and multiple digital products in their marketing/advertising mix
  28. Don’t worry about money – if the facts are in your proposal and they like your ideas to attract Millennials to their website and, eventually, to the dealership to buy a vehicle they will find the money. No need to even include dollars in the proposal. (THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!)

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