Foreign Investment – International Business

This 8-10 page research paper focuses on an in-depth understanding of one non-US country that the team will have chosen for foreign direct investment.

This project requires investing in a non-US country of the team’s choice. The team may choose an industry or a company on which to concentrate. The project applies the principles learned in this course to the real world. Please start thinking about the countries in which you are interested at the start of the semester, making notes of data sites and current news. Please contact the instructor throughout the semester for feedback or additional information on your country analysis. Foreign-market analysis includes gathering, analyzing, and forecasting of two issues such as foreign consumer demographics, channels, promotion, pricing, product design, labor, competition, and other input markets. Additionally, team should choose to incorporate two of the following environments that can affect international business: economic, demographic, social, political, cultural, legal, regulatory and technology environments which are essential for success in this foreign market.

The text of the justification should approximate 8-10 pages of double-spaced typing (excluding bibliography, figures and tables) with one-inch margins. Use charts to highlight analysis and results. Points will be given for incorporation and application of theories and concepts learned through the course, analysis, effective communication and creativity. This is a research paper and evidence of research is expected. Provide references. Reference sources throughout the paper, make an alphabetic list of citations and place the list at the end of the papiquer as a separate page entitled, “References.”

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