Explore the use of digital channels in Photography and videography among Englands Afro Caribbean Community

This is a research assignment – therefore your report should explore the impact of existing and future
technologies, on your selected companies’ target audience and industry.
The Audience: Your research report should be written for an audience such as the senior management of your
chosen organization.
The Structure: The research report has a prescribed structure, use this as the framework for your assignment. So
make sure that you have covered each of the specified areas below:
Executive Summary
Research Methodology
Target Audiences
Evolution and Impact of Digital Technologies Relevant to the Target Audiences
Digital Disruption and its Impact on Industry – Locally and Globally
Future Trends that will Impact the Target Audience and Industry,
References and Appendices
Make Your Report a Report: Aside from following the assignment structure above, include a cover page, add a
table of contents at the beginning, apply a professional presentation tone throughout, and write your assignment
in the third person – so do not use terminology like “we” and “I”. Use headings, sub-headings, tables, diagrams
and include page numbers. Don’t use Wikipedia in your reference list and always include your original source.
Do all this and your report will have a look, feel and tone that ticks all the right boxes.
Your Word Count: Your Assignment 1 is a 5,000 word research report. You are allowed a 10% tolerance, without
Grammar: Use good English and correct grammar.

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