Ethics, Values and Use of Self in Practice

Using a recognised model of reflection, students should focus upon a contemporary media item relating to discrimination.
Students should explore how and why it is discriminatory, applying legislation and policy to consider how it could have been handled differently.
This should draw from relevant literature, research, contemporary media sources and reflection from participation in peer discussions
This can be presented either in 1,500 word written format or equivalent alternative (in consultation with module staff).

To complete this successfully:

You will engage with the different protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010 and consider how these are related to one another.

Identify an example of discrimination in health and/or social care in the media.

Then you will need to discuss which area/s of discrimination are pertinent to your chosen example in the media item.

PCS analysis should be used to explore the event from multiple perspectives including, but not exclusively, that of the recipient of discrimination.

Your work will need to evidence your reading around the subject and your growing understanding of how ethics (other and your own) might impact practice.

You will also need to fully engage with the shared discussions that will take place in the classroom and online.

You will then need to show that you can offer alternative ways to deal with the situation.

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