Compensation Package Investigation for Bob Chapek

The executive selected to write about is Bob Chapek who is the Executive of Walt Disney
Choose an executive from a large United States public corporation and investigate their compensation package. Describe and explain the following, in reference to the executive’s compensation:

  1. Current core compensation (base pay)
  2. Deferred core compensation (stock compensation)
  3. Deferred core compensation (parachute compensation)
  4. Employee benefits (enhanced protection program benefits and perquisites – not all executives get health care benefits, so you may not find those, but most all get protection/security and perquisites)
  5. Clawback provisions (not all executives have these, so if you do not find it, simply state in your paper that they do not have this provision)

Your paper should include a brief summary of the executive’s background, how they came to the organization where they are currently employed, and how long they have been there. You must also discuss your viewpoint on the executive’s compensation. Do you believe it is excessive or appropriate? Why? Do you think it should be changed or adjusted? How and why? This is your opinion, so I expect you to explain the answers to these questions fully.

By Week 3, you must let the instructor know which executive you choose to report on so that there are no duplications. Compensation and benefits packages for executives should be available on company web sites (sometimes in the annual report).

This is a written assignment and will require significant research on your part. Your grade for this project will be based on the following criteria:

• Maximum of 4 pages of text (not including title page and reference page). You should be able to sufficiently cover the requested information in this amount of space.
• Organization of information (clarity, logical flow, proper introduction and conclusion)
• Showing support for ideas presented (quality, applicable research)
• Giving sufficient information (quantity, sufficient research – a minimum of 4 sources is required)
• Proper APA (Version 7) format (12-point font-Times or Arial, please).
• Error-free (i.e., good spelling and grammar)
• Citation of sources – in text and reference page(s) in correct APA Version 7 format

Citing your sources in your paper is IMPERATIVE, regardless of where your information came from (i.e., books, journals, the Internet, etc.), both in text and in a reference page. Papers with limited or no citations will be downgraded significantly. Plagiarism will not be tolerated (see the class BlackBoard page for more information on Wayland’s policy on plagiarism).

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