Best Buy – Assume the role of a consultant to Best Buy

Assume the role of consultant to Best Buy. CEO Corie Barry has asked you for an analysis of the case situation
and your recommendations moving forward.

  1. (10%) Identify the central decision(s) and issue(s) facing the firm.
  2. (60%) Perform an analysis of the external, internal, strategy (business, corporate, and international, where
    applicable) and performance related situation facing Barry and the firm. In doing so, use the appropriate course
    concepts, tools, and frameworks you have been assigned in the course. Clearly indicate the topics you consider
    relevant with headings and, if necessary, define them briefly before applying them to the case. Make explicit the
    case evidence and support information you relied on in making assessments and drawing conclusions
  3. (20%) Identify and briefly explain Barry’s main decision alternatives and the appropriate criteria for assessing
    the alternatives.
  4. (10%) Use a decision matrix analysis to make and justify your recommendation. Provide a brief
    implementation plan.
    Grading Rubric
    The exam will be evaluated based on coverage of the assigned questions and the relevant course material, the
    quality and soundness of responses to the questions, and the clarity of the report. The grading rubric is provided
    I DO NOT need any sources outside of the textbook the reason why i put 6 sources is if you could cite the
    textbook a few times and cite the textbook itself in relevance to the course materials. I only need it in reference
    to the textbook. I give you full permission to sign into the connect using my username and password. The
    username is darren.huck@ and the password is Dalhousie1995 I have provided instructions in the word
    document “Final Exam Materials”. In order to access the textbook you will need to copy the url from the
    document ive attached called “Registraion Guide F2020 (10).pdf” and following that you will be directed to fill
    in my email and password. this will give you access to the textbook and to the case study “Best Buy” I’ve
    attached the outline for the paper in “4001 20F Exam Guidance.pdf”. For any sort of references the only work
    cited all i will need is the Best Buy case study itself and the Textbook. Both of these again are located in

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