Assess feminist critiques in the creation of knowledge drawling on the example of cities

In this essay (3000 words maximum, not including references), you will draw upon 2 themes encountered in the
course. It is crucial to your success in this assignment that you have read widely and deeply, and that your
chosen essay topic allows sufficient focus.
Pick 2 themes from the course relevant to the nature of geographical knowledge. (eg for mine spatial science,
feminist urbanism, black geographies, radical geographies.) You are responsible for selecting that theme and
making clear what the theme is. Then, write an essay on that theme relating to the nature of geographical
Marking of Degree Work
All degree work is anonymously assessed (markers do not know the student’s identity) by the lecturing staff on
the course. The Marking Scheme is described in the Geography Degree Programme Handbook.
In addition to generic marking Grade Related Marking criteria, the following apply to the Course Essay for this
-An excellent performance will make connections across the themes of the course as well as showing high levels
of understanding and deep and broad engagement with course literature;

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