As a reflection essay, you should use a first-person perspective, but do maintain an academic tone

Style: As a reflection essay, you should use a first-person perspective, but do maintain an academic tone. Try to use the writing-related vocabulary and concepts we have been using this term. You are encouraged to be creative with your descriptions and sentence-level writing. Come up with a compelling, creative introduction. Be as specific as possible! Speak specifically about your experience and journey; do not generalize. Final drafts should be polished and relatively free of sentence-level errors.

Organization & Structure: I provide a suggested organization below, but if you would like to do something different that is fine too. Whatever structure you decide to use for your essay, ensure that you have a thesis in your introduction, a clear topic sentence for each body paragraph, decent paragraph development, transitions, etc.

In your reflection essay, include the following content (at a minimum):

A one-paragraph introduction that highlights how the discussion board tasks in this course contributed to 1) your overall learning in the course and 2) your success on the persuasive research essay assignment (be creative!)
1 to 3 paragraphs discussing the specific assignments and how these tasks 1) contributed to your growth as a writer and 2) served as scaffolding for the persuasive research essay
1 paragraph explaining 1) the steps and strategies you took to ensure you completed the weekly work discussion post tasks on time and 2) any missing weekly work items and how missing items affected your progress in the course
a conclusion paragraph reflecting on 1) your growth as a writer this semester and 2) what skills you will take with you into future college courses

Format: This essay should be in correct MLA format, double-spaced, etc. You are not required to use any research in this paper, but if you choose to do so you must include properly formatted parenthetical citations and a works cited page.

Your polished document shouiquld be 600 -1200 words.

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