Applied ethics and argument

Argumentative ESSAY
Pick an issue from the applied ethics section of the course and analyze the argument. Do you think the argument is a good or a bad argument for that particular situation?
Within which normative ethical tradition (Kantianism, utilitarianism, contractarianism, virtue ethics) does that argument you’ve given fit? Explain.
If there is a better argument for (or against) that situation, what is it and what ethical tradition does it fit in?

You should write an argumentative essay either arguing for or against one of the arguments in the applied ethics section of the course (so you could argue for or against Singer’s argument that we should give all of our extra money to charity, or argue for or against Hill’s claims that caring about the environment is a virtue that makes us better people) using one of the normative theories from the course (so using Kant and the idea of equality, or Hobbes and safety, or Aristotle and character, or Mill and happiness). It would be easiest in a lot of these cases to argue for the argument based on the philosophy being used – so arguing for Singer’s claims using utilitarianism, or arguing for Hill’s claims using Aristotle (or Kant).

This link is related to Hobbes only read ch13 and 14 if you are doing on hobbes

please explain all 3 question mentioned in the essay. I need 2-page essay

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