Write about drought and meteorological data correlation ( give your discussion and please use references about
the researches done in this area of Thailand and Asia, and references to compare the real situation and the
research findings),
Why some year has high rainfall and why some has high drought , , , write your opinion comparing real data of
the three provinces, , , and mention about the provinces drought data.
Please use the result part of my thesis including the figures to write the discussion.
Please write discussion about the SPI value, by comparing it with temperature, evaporation and rainfall (please
use figure 37 for reference.) I have sent you the sample, I have started doing it and please edit the ones I have
started and add reference to make it more effective.
Please, mention the correlation of each meteorological data (rainfall, temperature and evaporation) with each
Index: SPI, PN and DI under their title
Please mention references done in this area in thailand or in Asia or about this drought indexes.
Please write conclusion for this part, by discussing which of the three index has close relation with the three
meteorological data(rainfall, temperature and evaporation), and which index is recommended for study in this
areas, please mention some references to strengthen claim.
Please write conclusion after each Provinces, discussing which of the three index has close relation with the
three meteorological data (rainfall, temperature and evaporation).
Please focus on this and write without being out of scope and topic and please don’t make the contents for each
provinces same. Make it somehow bit different atleast by paraphrasing it.

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