Agricultural Cooperative as a Vehicle to promote the adoption of Agricultural Technology or AgTech (name can be chang

The focus of the research is encouraging farmer to change to smart farming or apply technology in farming in
order to help improve farming performance and product quality and help solve weather issues such as flood and
drought. As coop will need to provide knowledge or training to farmer or using Agricultural information
Technology (AIT).Later I will need to collect data in Thailand so please write anything that can be apply be use
later in Thailand.
First, introduction part, please write no more than five pages, must include some background, research objective,
significant of study, research questions and scope of study
Second, literature reviews part: include literature review,gap of study,conceptional framework, hypothesis.
(please focus on framework and hypothesis as I will need to provide the newly create framework and hypothesis
to professor very soon another part can rewrite later)
Third, Methodology: no more than 3 pages, Research strategy, participants(sample selection),data collection ,
analysis approach, ethical consideration
If the length of work is not enough please focus more on second part and can ignore third part.
The link below provide a bit of concept of this research
If you have any suggestion about topic or wanting to change the topic, you can write in the massage and I will
replay back asap as it is inconvenient for me to talk via phone. Currently I have not finalized the topic or context
of the research but the concept that I need to research is about promoting technology adoption ( do
whatever to make farmer upgrade their farming) or 2. Using technology(focus on fews technology) or coop’s
role in help farmer dealing with disaster and recovery (resilient or help deal with/solve the risks from natural
disaster). The research must be relevance to supply chains, coops, technology and risk.

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